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Navicon Switzerland is committed to provide integrated forwarding services and complete door-to-door solutions.  Our main activity is multimodal global transport and logistic services in a flexible and cost efficient 24/7 manner.

Ocean Freight

OceanFreight – Whether you are importing or exporting, Navicon Switzerland is your partner from port to port or door to door for full or less than a container loads (FCL/LCL).

Truck Freight

Truck Freight – Competitive truck rates and tailored pricing for your intra Europe needs. Choosing the right carrier and the right route for your needs and budget.

Air Freight

Air Freight – Our air cargo specialists will assess your specific needs and customize our air services for your large-scale or smaller- scales projects and for express shipments door to door, or terminal to terminal.

Rail Freight

Rail Freight, The increasing focus on environmental impact and safety standards has led Navicon Switzerland to shift traffic to more environmentally friendly modes of transport all over Europe.

Cargo insurance

Always insure your cargo. Our experts will help you protect your goods throughout their journey.

Customs Clearance

Our customs brokers will always keep you up to date on current rules and regulations for your shipping needs.

Multimodal International Door to Door services

Efficient combination of multiple transport modes and trusted agents, optimize lead times, reduce inventory costs and keep the freight costs under control.

In House Forwarding

We propose an innovate IT solution that is tailored to the client’s needs and internal procedures. This enables us to offer the full range of services for your entire supply chain.

Global Trade Management Services

Through our trusted global network we can reach and validate suppliers and buyers and offer you a unique opportunity to expand your business worldwide.

Online Forwarding

``Online forwarding`` is a new platform powered by Navicon, which enables fast overview of your supply network.


My Navicon” is a new platform powered by Navicon, which enables fast overview of your supply network.

Monitor the logistic progress of your shipment, while our experts handle your freight.

It is easy to get instant quotes, book online, track and trace your freight in real time, manage your shipping documents and make your payment online.

Instant Quote

You may get an instant quotation in any transport relation. Get better rates through constant updates.

Online Booking

Fast and easy. turn a quote into a booking.

Real Time Tracking

Manage your shipments and maintain control over your goods and supply network in real time.

Online Documents

Acting as a central communication hub, our system lets you, your supplier, or your client, collect, share, manage and store all your shipping documents digitally.


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